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Country Style Guide

Country Style Guide

With influences from both America and Europe, this simple, inviting style is warm and approachable. With a range of variations such as the primitive, rough-hewn Rustic construction of Mexican furniture – or the softer lines, distressed finishes and hand-painted designs of romantic Cottage style, Country is very versatile.

Comfortable slipcovers or upholstery fabrics like flowery chintz, linen or hardworking denim, woven plaids and textured, nubby fabrics are common. Quilts, needlework and outdoor-themed accessories are all part of this relaxed and creative look.

Modern Style Guide

Modern Design Style

Reminiscent of the great masters of 20th century design, this style can boast both sharp, linear design or sexy, flowing curves. Although the designs tend to be fairly simple and unelaborated, they have a tendency to make a strong presence.

Whatever your definition is, Modern is definitely a style that accepts a mix of trends and styles to create a unique statement. Fabrics are simple, although frequently richly woven, while leather is perfect for the greatest designs of the century.

Casual Contempory Style

Casual Contempory Style

Good looking, relaxed and casual, this style is for the home that wants to be lived in. A style that prefers light, glowing woods like birch and maple or dark or dramatic stains like espresso. The strong, simple lines of Mission may appeal, as do accents with cross-cultural savvy: the geometry of primitive design or the serene curves of oriental pottery.

Sofas and chairs may be leather, slip covered or upholstered in soft inviting fabrics – but they're always welcoming and stylish.

Traditional Style Guide

Traditional StyleRich fabrics and dark woods like cherry and mahogany are some of the classic characteristics of this timeless style.

Represented here are furniture classics that evoke the past and stand the test of time.

Design influences include 18th and 19th century English and American styles, including Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Victorian or European favourites like Louis XIV-XVI. Oriental rugs, Asian art, formal fabrics like velvet and damask, and Transitional furniture that blends influences from different eras are all part of this beautiful picture.