Kitchen Chairs

Buying Guide For Kitchen Chairs

The type of chairs to purchase for your kitchen should depend largely on the layout or decoration pattern of the kitchen. For every kitchen decor, there's always a suitable chair design that will align with it. There are kitchen bars or sets, and chairs that come in upholstery, metal, vinyl, and wood, in a variety of styles and shapes.

Wood varieties are popular with beech, walnut, pine, among other varieties. These set of chairs are regarded as kitchen chairs. However, the former of the chairs mentioned are predominant in the dinning room and considered dining chairs.

Generally, chairs that are not easy to manage will begin to appear worn out sooner than they should. The best type of chairs to use should be manageable and of good worth. Budget is also a factor to put into consideration before deciding what to buy. The most expensive kitchen chairs may not necessarily be the best chairs for you, they may not look that good over time.


Everyone has a specific style when it comes to chairs for kitchen use. There are several categories of chair designs for kitchens as well as other specific designs that are subordinate to the main styles. These sub-categorized styles provide buyers an opportunity to use chairs for kitchens based on their style of choice.


Ladderback and Windsor chairs are types of country style chairs for the kitchen. Windsor chairs come with a bowed-back enhancement of spindles inserted into the seats. Ladderback chairs are also referred to as 'Shaker chairs'. They come with a tall and straight back, alongside a horizontal slate. The grain of wood used for this kind of chair is clearly showcased in the style.


For buyers who maintain a formal dining posture in the kitchen, there are many styles from the 18th century to chose from. Most of these 18th century influenced designs have a high, fantastic carved back with a claw feet and legs. Other styles in the formal league include the lyre or shield-back design.


Contemporary kitchen chairs are perfect for homes with modern day decor. These kind of chairs are armless. They also have a supportive case that increase or decrease progressively or round seats with open backs. Contemporary chairs typically come with a tabular metal frame and a woven back of dark brown or white imitation leather.


Wheat-back or sheaf-back chairs are two popular options for anyone with a dinette set or a casual dining. This design is known for its slat-driven back into the seat. However, they are pushed inward at the center by a slat or horizontal bar, showcasing an appearance of wheat.


These set of chairs have been in production as far-back as 1960. A common pattern features a back piece or an oval splat for the open back slate. Some other retro patterns include the schoolhouse chair, molded plastic chairs, vinyl upholstered chairs in cherry red, yellow, pine green, and black with chrome standings.

Kitchen chairs are available in metal, woods, molded plastic, wood and metal combined. Another option that can replace chairs for kitchen use are bar stools.